Token Equity


Creating the Token Equity Standards (TES)

The nature of cryptocurrenices, tokens, and various methods of fundraising (STO, ICO, IEO) is that they are all quite different: With so many unique offerings, it can be challenging for investors and launchers alike to know what to look for, and what to offer.

Within the community, there is growing consensus that industry can, and must, work together to mitigate uncertainty and the risk of free-riders through the development of meaningful best practice and self-governance approaches. Echoing the call by SEC Director William Hinman (November 2018), there is a clear need for ‘plain english’ guidance for all market participants.

There has been increasing discussion at regulatory levels, as well as amongst industry thought-leaders and advocates about the need and nature of appropriate standards: How to ensure the security of investors, without overly constraining the potential of the marketplace.

TESA is on a mission to facilitate the development and ratification of community-built Token Equity Standards (TES) to guide the manner in which crypto-economy practitioners and participants operate.  The TES will be community-built, through engagement, dialogue, and collaboration of TESA’s diverse members and key industry stakeholders. The TES will address specific issues related, but not limited to:

As a member of TESA, you will have a voice, the opportunity to engage in discussion and dialogue, the opportunity to propose ideas and develop the Standards, and a formal vote in the ratification of the Standards. Join us, and help shape the crypto-economy for good!

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