About Us

Our Vision & Who We Are

The Token Equity Standards Association (TESA) is a strategic, non-profit alliance of businesses, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, banks, regulators, practitioners, supporters, and other members of the crypto-economy  and crypto-communities. We are committed to building a crypto-economy for good. Through collaboration, education, advocacy, research, and leading by example, we are committed to establishing a reliable, trustworthy, secure, transparent, equitable, and responsible foundation for the crypto-economy. TESA members represent diverse perspectives and positions within the crypto-economy, and we use this diversity and expertise to help shape and influence the evolution of a crypto-economy that all participants can have confidence in and can be proud of.

There is great potential for the crypto-economy to help address major social and environmental challenges around the world, and TESA is committed to helping its members envision and build great things. The industry is also facing some big challenges, and standardized expectations for regulation and self-governance at many levels is required. These next steps will not be easy, but they will be worth it. The TESA approach is to bring a community of diverse, motivated, talented, strategic, creative, and dedicated members together to start envisioning and building a new and better future for the industry.

Our Mission

TESA is dedicated to supporting the development and certification of community-built standards that will lead to resiliency, integrity, responsibility, and credibility for all participants in the token economy. We foster and guide the collaboration and engagement of diverse and essential perspectives of all members in the creation of a positive vision for the token economy, and facilitate the promotion of education, awareness, and understanding of our members, and our stakeholders.

Our Priorities

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